To give the bottle to the baby this sholud be at ambient or tepid temperature.
It is better at tepid temperature in the wintertime.
If the baby eats a lot, it is better to start giving him/her a small amount of milk, that’s because if the baby eats with anxiety, it is easier that he/she throw up at the end. Later on, we will change the position of the teat to give him/her more quantity. In the case of babies that don’t like eating, do the contrary.
To teach a child- even if is our son- we have to use a simple thing: the common sense.

They need to learn, follow rules, and this is what we have to teach them.
We are adults, so we have to teach them correctly.

We don’t have to use them to eat between hours.
We have to make them start the meals by the food they like less, and end with the one they like.
If they protest for some aliments that they don’t like (fish, vegetables,etc…) try to invent a story about the aliment that they are going to eat.
It is very important that children play games, that they have time to play.
Their playing time don’t have to be limited to one toy, we have to respect their preferences, but trying to create interests for other things. We have to stimulate them to know new things.

It is better to buy toys during the whole year and do not accumulate too many in some special days.

When we are walking with the child in the street, he/she must stay always in our front, never beside us.

If we are carrying both a pram and a child, the child must always be by the side of the wall, never by the side of the road, mainly if the street is narrow.

We have to pay special attention to the windows, the plugs, the access to drugs, cleaning products, dangerous food (until he/she don’t have teeth), like for example nuts and dried fruit... we have to anticipate to potentially risks,


The child should follow regular rules to sleep. We have to respect them at maxium.

If the child is clean, have eat and it is not ill, we have to leave him/her alone in the cradle and do not hold him/her even if he/she don’t sleep or cries.

We have always to respect the time of the nap – eve if they are bigger. Having a nap relax the children. If they don’t not rest during the whole day the afternoon are complicated, and they could be nervous and angry.

The nap doesn’t have to be too much long. If they are bigger they will have problems to sleep at night.