The actual society forces us to continuos changes in our way of life, because of this NANNY´S & HOME offers a wide offer of customized services with the aim to solve that necessities, pointing out always the comfort and the best attention to the persons who need it.

NANNYS & HOME is a group of professionals dedicated to the selection and formation of the personnel who has to do tasks related with the house, the child and babies care and also the elderly.


When this idea became a real project our objectives where clear:

• Work with honesty, with the best intentions and enthusiastically.

• Practice a right professional attiutde and always do not disappoint the people who trusted us.


We like the professionalism and the work well done. With this desire we work day by day.
We consider that in a company dedicated to the people care there are lots of facts that had to be taken into account with the best attention. Because of this, our mottos are:

1. NANNYS & HOME does not offer what does not exist.

Because of this our job motto is the sincerity.

2. NANNYS & HOME cares for his clients …

Because of this our effords are centered in take care of the small details to make a good adaptation to the work place.

3. NANNYS & HOME keeps with high responsability the agreements with the client, maintaining the guarantees of all our services.